Using Black Skin Directory

Black Skin Directory is divided up into three main sections.

Firstly, a searchable directory of professional skincare experts listed according to location.

Secondly, we also have the education arm, which encompasses detailed information on SKIN CONDITIONS and how they present on darker skin tones. Under the LEARN tab, you’ll find product reviews, brand stories, treatment descriptions and

Finally, as you may already know we are passionate about putting you in the same room as professional skincare experts whenever we can, so under the EVENTS tab, you’ll find details of all our events.

How to search for a professional?

Using the searchable directory is the same way you’d use the Yellow Pages – you know what your query is and where you live – e.g acne and London.

So you click on ‘CLINIC SEARCH’ then select ‘LONDON’.  A list of available clinics will appear.  After scrolling through all the clinics and reading their profiles, decide whom you want to contact. You can contact one or several – the choice is yours. We advise contacting at least three professionals. Use the contact form at the bottom of their profile to send them your query and they will be in contact within 2 business days to discuss how they can help you.