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Dr Vanita Rattan

Dr Vanita Rattan

Telephone Number:  (+44) 207 754 9189

Address: 25 Green Street, Mayfair, London W1K 7AX


Biography & Clinic Details: The Hyperpigmentation Clinic is the ONLY pigmentation specialist for skin of colour worldwide.

Dr. Vanita Rattan (founder) received a dual degree in Medicine (MBBS) and Physiology and Pharmacology (BSc) from University College London Medical School in 2008.

After graduation from Medical School, she decided to utilise her family background in cosmeceutical manufacturing and dedicated five consecutive years to studying clinical trials for hyperpigmentation treatments.

This led to her discovery of the pioneering formulation used in the clinic’s highly sought-after treatments which reduce melanocyte activity without burning the skin.

With treatments starting from £395, on average clients see an 80% reduction of their hyperpigmentation after 3 treatments.

Areas of Interest: Dr Rattan and her team of aesthetic practitioners are committed to offering unique and exclusive treatments for addressing hyperpigmentation in skin of colour.

Treatment Specialities:

•Comprehensive Client Consultation

•Hyperpigmentation e.g. Melasma, post inflammatory, post laser, post acne, post eczema

•Dark Circles Pigmentation

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