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Telephone Number: +44  (0)1925 452 745

Address: 4 Dundonald Ave, Stockton Heath, Warrington,  WA4 6JT UK


Biography & Clinic Details: Martine Jarman is an award winning skin health expert who created the SkinGenius brand in 2010. Formerly, Martine enjoyed an extensive career in the beauty and aesthetic industry. Initially qualifying with a distinction as an International Aesthetician in 1996 and later qualifying as a teacher in further education. Martine developed her career in training and education, specialising in the subjects of cosmeceutical science, skin health procedures and phlebotomy.

Martine is recognised as leader in the field of cosmeceuticals and skin rejuvenation procedures. She has been invited to speak at national beauty and aesthetic conferences and has lectured worldwide to aesthetic practitioners on the latest concepts in cosmetic science. Martine is retained as a consultant and brand ambassador working with leading cosmeceutical companies and is actively involved with City & Guilds assisting in the the development of new industry qualifications. 

Martine’s philosophy is to achieve successful long term results using science-led treatments that target skin concerns at a cellular level. She is recognised throughout the industry for her achievements within the field of skin health.

Martine believes that with the correct remedies and lifestyle guidance, skin health can successfully be restored.

Areas of Interest: All skin related concerns and also working with M22 Medical Multi-Platform Laser device from Lumenius

Treatment Specialities: Resurfacing
Cosmetic Dermatology - Advanced Cosmetic Procedures
Personalised combination therapy approach

Awards: 2015 - Winner - Professional Beauty - Aesthetic Therapist of the Year - Now I judge the awards.
2016 - Winner BABTAC - Specialist Therpaist of the Year
2017 - Winner BABTAC - Aesthetician of the Year
2018 - Finalist - Winner to be announced March 2018 - My Face My Body Awards

What is your most recommended product to women of colour and why?: A mineral based SPF/Foundadtion is always going to be in there, but you need to take a multi-facted approach.  Priorty over any product has to be high strength, water based anti-oxidants to give prevention in the first instance. My most recommended being SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF giving 96% sunburn cell protection as well as acting as tyrosinase inhibitor. Prevention better than cure.

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