The clinic is based in Central London (just off Piccadilly Circus) which is easily accessible and has multiple transport routes. The building is located in Golden Square however, the door doesn’t have the SKNDOCTOR branding so make sure you look out for the door number when trying to access the clinic. Dr. Ewoma is a woman of colour (with glowy skin) so as the lead practitioner of SKNDOCTOR, she is representing people of colour and I feel this is welcoming for those with skin of colour.


The overall process from start to finish was very succinct. I was asked a myriad of questions to determine the right treatment for my skin, given plenty of information about what to expect and what I should do post-treatment. Once I was given all the relevant information, I completed the consent forms.

At the start of the treatment, my skin received a very luxurious deep clean which included a steaming session. Dr. Ewoma then applied the peel and was very attentive - she repeatedly asked for my pain threshold (which was rated out of 10) and asked about my comfort levels which made me feel very safe. There were times when the peel did sting, but it wasn’t too uncomfortable and I was happy to proceed. Dr. Ewoma also used an electric fan to aid my comfort during the peel and she gently tapped areas of discomfort with her fingers which was soothing and relived any uncomfortable sensations.

After the treatment my skin felt completely normal and I didn’t experience any irritation.


I would love to see more images of people with darker skin tones in the clinic space but I would return to the SKNDOCTOR clinic nonetheless as I really enjoyed my treatment. I would definitely consider more routine visits as I believe this will be beneficial for my skin over time. I noticed an immediate difference with my pore size!