Protect Your Melanin

25th July 2019


Clinical evidence shows that the darker demographic is less likely to develop skin cancer, yet have a higher mortality rate than Caucasians. This is not a fact that many people are aware of and it’s due to various reasons ranging from a lack of engagement with skin health messaging around sun protection, to health professionals and research focusing more on the white population where skin cancer rates are higher; and sun care brands being slow to adequately market to darker skin tones

The Black Skin Directory is committed to changing this narrative so we joined forces with Ultrasun and launched the first sun protection campaign in the UK targeted at the black population during Sun awareness week (6th May - 12th May).

It was well received and got people talking so we hosted an evening dedicated to sun protection education and skin health to give everyone the chance to ask their burning questions. It was a relaxing, sunny evening spent dispelling myths surrounding black skin and sun protection, going through the differences in suncare and the many available options for black skin.

The intense scribbling on the notepads and ample questions makes us confident that everyone left understanding why #ProtectYourMelanin is a year-round endeavor.

We’d like to give a big thanks to our amazing guests, Beautystack and our sponsors Glossier, Something & Nothing and Propercorn.

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