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Skincare for all.


In multi cultural cities like London and further afield,  women of colour struggle to find Dermatologists and skin care professionals experienced in the unique demands of darker skin.

All skins need a delicate and considered approach. However, black and ethnic skin needs even more consideration due to its propensity for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and keloid scarring.

In a recent survey, 75 black women were questioned about their experiences in finding a skin care professional astute with black skin. 92% of the respondents said it was a challenge to find and access a skin care professional that could meet their needs.

Finding this quite shocking, it prompted Aesthetician, Dija Ayodele to take the lead in creating a website that will make it easier for women of colour to connect with skin care professionals in the UK.

Dija is extremely passionate about ensuring a level playing field for all. Her goal is to ensure access, availability and affordability to professional skin care services for all women, especially black women, who are all too often unrepresented. 

The award winning Black Skin Directory will connect women of colour with:

  • Experienced skincare professionals

  • Cosmeceutical Treatments & Products

  • Events & Roadshows

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Dija Ayodele
Founder, Black Skin Directory

You're only a click away from expert skincare,  Black Skin Directory

You're only a click away from expert skincare, Black Skin Directory