Mortar & Milk

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Telephone Number: +44 (0)207 731 3415

Address: 793 Fulham Road, London,  SW6 5HD


Biography & Clinic Details: The idea for Mortar & Milk came down literally to my frustration with the industry. I am remiss to say this because I am clearly one person, and who am I to say that the status quo is wrong? It’s just wrong for me. Here in London, I have worked on the business side of the industry, consulting with brands in the luxury sector. In California, I owned my own clinic, giving bespoke treatments.

My thought has always been, where does the customer get the help that they need? How can I make the customer experience better? There are many wonderful therapists out there, charging forth with that very question in mind. How do we ACTUALLY help people. I wanted to create a treatment space that took customers on a journey, but I also wanted to have a retail space with brands I love and believe in.

Our space is based on comfort, home, trust, a feeling of calm. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and the atmosphere is calm, friendly, and inclusive.

The nuts and bolts of it all is that I am a Level 4 Clinical Aesthetician. I trained in California, and retrained here in the UK. It was paramount to me that I retrained here, even though it wasn’t technically necessary. I needed to be able to say “yes, I am fully qualified in this country”. I hope with my entire heart, that our space makes you happy. I know that our treatments are effective, and that your journey will be based on positive change, and along the way, I hope to educate you and make you smile.

Areas of Interest: We work on all skin types, and all skin colours. We treat acne, rosacea, pigmentation, premature ageing, vascular issues, etc. Each client is different, so every treatment is totally bespoke. Acne is my favourite to treat because I know I can help someone, which in turn raises self-esteem. That in itself, makes what we do worth it.

Treatment Specialities: Our biggest strength is our consultation. It's an hour-long, and very in-depth. So because of this, we do solve problems. Everything is bespoke, so never the same thing twice. However, all treatments are active and we focus on acid exfoliation, mesotherapy, LED light therapy and non-surgical blemish removal.

What is your most recommended product to women of colour and why?: Exuviance's Skinrise Bionic Tonic pads. They are polyhydroxy acid (intelligent acids) pads that focus on building the skins barrier function, hydrating, and gently exfoliating. We call them the addiction. They're that good. They work for all skin types and all skin concerns.


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