Teresa Richardson

Teresa Richardson

Fulham Scalp and Hair Clinic

Telephone Number:  +44 (0) 207 731 6695

Address: 119 Munster Road, London, SW6 6DH

Website: http://www.fulhamscalphairclinic.com

Biography & Clinic Details: Teresa Angelina is our founding trichologist and has a clear mission at the heart of her clinic, to make all hair and scalps healthy.

Our emphasis as a clinic has always been to provide clear and effective treatments for our patients based on science and expertise that cuts through hair fashions and hypes, to provide consistent and sustainable results. From itchy, scaling scalps to hair loss and shedding, each patient is advised on an individual treatment strategy.

Disheartened by the lack of quality hair care products catering for the Afro hair market, Teresa developed and formulated her own range of high quality products. Sourcing aromatherapy grade and naturally derived active ingredients wherever possible. Our products are gentle, nourishing and without unnecessary additives and fragrances, whilst remaining lightweight and easy to use.

Areas of Interest: Whilst all hair types are welcome at our clinic, we specialise in treating and caring for Afro and Mixed hair types as a result of our knowledge and expertise accumulated over decades. 

Treatment Specialities: Our most popular treatment is our 'Stimulating Treatment', focusing on improving scalp health and nourishment at a follicular level as well as caring for the hair to improve quality and appearance. This treatment is excellent for those suffering from traction alopecia, severe hair breakage, hair thinning and hair shedding. It is also an excellent opportunity to focus on the health and quality of your hair by improving moisture content and elasticity whilst reducing damage that may have already accumulated.

Awards: Teresa Angelina Richardson: Member of the Institute of Trichologists

Eleanore Richardson: Associate of the Institute of Trichologists

What is your most recommended product to women of colour and why?:  Our most recommended product is our Leave-in Hair Protector which is a light weight leave-in conditioner that excellently nourishes and hydrates hair whilst keeping it conditioned and protected. This is our cult product for nourishing, conditioning and defining curls.

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