ClinicBe Review


The clinic is accessible even though it’s situated in a very quiet and discreet location. I was warmly welcomed and made to feel relaxed immediately upon arrival at the clinic - the overall atmosphere was very friendly and inviting. I noticed that there was limited imagery within the clinic space and the design was very sleek and minimalist with a luxurious feel.


I felt very confident that I was going to receive gold standard treatment, I had a practitioner of colour (she was black) who was very knowledgeable about skin and had lots of experience in receiving treatment. I received a thorough consultation which included a Visia™ skin analysis and was asked about any specific issues or concerns I had. All the results were simply explained and my issues were adequately addressed. We decided that I would have the Signature Facial (£250); which is said to be a great introduction to subsequent treatments and then I signed the relevant paperwork to ensure I understood everything discussed before the treatment commenced – I felt well informed about my skin and the treatment I was receiving.

The practitioner was very attentive during the treatment. The process was very pampering with lots of gentle cleansing and toning in between each stage and I could feel my skin being buffed, rubbed, soothed and nourished. I enjoyed the microdermabrasion - it was like having emery boards rubbed all over my face yet it was quite relaxing. There was also a cocoa antioxidant mask which smelt delicious and made me feel hungry, as well as nourishing on my skin. I did feel a little tingling with the oxygenation/ozone treatment and it wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t unpleasant, just a strange sensation. My skin felt lighter and fresher after the treatment, as if lots of congestion had been removed and the glow continues one week after. I loved that there was no downtime and that I could just carry on with the rest of my day.

The aftercare advice was excellent and I was educated on the different ways I could improve my skin in a very empathetic manner. Recommendations included further treatments and clinical grade products to try, including daily SPF for protection and small particle size hyaluronic acid to tackle my dehydration.


I had a wonderful experience – there was attention to detail in every element, from the waiting area, to the beautiful bathrooms and relaxing music. The experience felt very indulgent and luxurious and I wasn’t made to feel rushed at all. All the staff were super friendly, helpful and ensured I felt thoroughly pampered. I would definitely return as I believe it’s an excellent choice for addressing any key concerns within the skin and keeping up with regular skin health maintenance.