Cliff Dermatology

Clinic Profile

Telephone Number: +44  (0)1293 778968

Address: Various - South East and London.


Biography & Clinic Details: 

Dr Cliff is a Consultant Dermatologist and undertook his dermatological training in London at St George’s Medical School and in Lisbon, Portugal. As a dermatologist Dr Cliff has been trained in the diagnosis and treatments of skin diseases which include diseases of the hair and nail. 

Dr Cliff provides a comprehensive dermatology service – incorporating the diagnosis and management of the full range of dermatological conditions and cosmetic treatments for the skin aiming to rejuvenate the skin.

The philosophy of Cliff Dermatology  is to provide a high quality service to all patients who are referred to the company. Dr Cliff is keen to ensure that patients are fully informed at all times of their diagnosis and the treatment options that are available to them. Dr Cliff sits on a number of patient groups and appreciates the importance of good information but also the importance of honesty at all times.  

Areas of Interest: Cliff Dermatology provides a full dermatology service, including aesthetic treatments.

What is your most recommended product to people with skin of colour and why?: Broad Spectrum UVA + UVB Sunscreen SPF 30 and above. The sun plays a key role in skin diseases like the development of skin cancer as well as skin conditions like hyperpigmentation. 



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