Three Steps to Spring Fresh Skin

As the days become longer and evenings lighter, we suddenly feel compelled to come out of hibernation and shed our winter layers. Just as we would PEEL BACK EXCESS layers of clothing, WE SHOULD DO THE SAME FOR OUR SKIN.

Spring has sprung and we’re ready to get back on track with our skincare goals. Winter weather can play havoc on dark skin causing it to become dry and grey in appearance whilst biting cold and harsh winds can leave your face feeling tight and prone to sensitivity.  

So, as we start to see the back of the cold, it’s time to press reset on your skin, following our simple three step reset regime.


Twice daily cleansing is a fundamental cornerstone to remove impurities, old skin cells, toxins and excess oil from the skin. This first step prepares your skin for all that is to follow and it will help with absorption of other skincare products as well as increase the effectiveness of other treatments such as exfoliators and masks.

It is important to know your skin type when choosing a cleanser. Cream and milky textured cleansers are great for dry skin types while gel or soap free foamy cleansers usually work better for oily skin types


Damage from the sun, hormonal changes, and intrinsic ageing slows down the process of generating new skin cells, this creates a build up of old skin cells on the surface of the skin. In turn, lacklustre skin ensues. Directly attributed to insufficient exfoliation, there is a build up of old skin cells clogging your pores (leaving you open to breakouts and blackheads), causing skin to flake, look uneven and patchy.

To smooth the texture of your skin and remove damaged, unwanted skin cells it is important to exfoliate regularly.

We’re big fans of using exfoliators that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids such as glycolic, mandelic or lactic acid. They are very efficient at gently loosening the bonds that hold old skin cells together to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion. If you tend to suffer from black heads, using an exfoliator with the Beta Hydroxy Acid Salicylic Acid will be beneficial as it has oil-soluble molecules that can reach deeper into the skin and pores to unclog them. BHAs also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

There is an acid for everyone, so if your skin is compromised or on the sensitive side then Poly Hydroxy Acids such as Gluconolactone will be much more soothing whilst still exfoliating, albeit at a slower rate.

If acids of any kind are really not your bag, then check out the exfoliating prowess of enzymes such as pomegranate, pumpkin or papaya which have the ability to break down proteins, just like the ones your skin cells are made out from. They are also anti-inflammatory, so a safe choice for sensitive skin types.

Step Three - MASKING

We’re firmly in the camp of power multi tasking masks that exfoliate, brighten, control oil, plump and smooth the skin. In the past, masks have had the reputation of being a relaxation product. Cucumber eye slices, anyone? Whilst that sort of self-care is great for restoring the soul, we’re interested in restoring the skin.

Oily skin types need to use clay based masks that deep cleanse pores whilst detoxifying and extracting excess sebum. This will also minimise the appearance of pores if you find them noticeable.

Dry skin types need masks that balance and replenish moisture, improving the texture and appearance of your skin, with a much healthier glow. These can come in cream or hydrating gel formulations.


For extra brownie points, professional treatments are a must and darker skin tones should embrace rejuvenating treatments such as chemical peels and micro needling, which stimulate the skin at the dermal level plumping collagen and hyaluronic acid, smoothing texture, boosting cell turnover, minimise the appearance of scarring and fading hyperpigmentation.

The safest way to explore these treatments is by ensuring you consult with a clinic listed on the directory from the off; they are experienced in treating darker skin tones.

To really get spring cleaning your skin, we’d love to see you are the SPRING CLEAN evening on 20th March!