Exfoliation - What the #BSDExperts Use

We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again, exfoliation is key to reviving winter worn skin.

Without adequate exfoliation, skin can appear dull and lacklustre as well as feel rough.  Old skin cells hold on to excess pigment, making hyperpigmentation appear worse and your skin look patchy.

On oilier skin types, old skin cells can clog pores leading to breakouts and blemishes. Therefore, it totally make sense to give your skin a helping hand by including exfoliation in your skincare routine.

Not to mention, a layer of old skin cells forms a barrier on top of your skin, prohibiting the active benefits of your skincare products and key ingredients from penetrating your skin.

With that in mind, we quizzed some of our BSD practitioners on their favorite exfoliators they use to spring clean their skin.


Dr Bhavjit Kaur, Health & Aesthetics

“ZO Exfoliating Polish is a must for me as it quickly exfoliates dry and flaky winter skin using magnesium crystals that polish the skin for a smoother texture. This enhances the penetration of further products in your routine and on darker skin it helps to brighten and even the skin tone.”

I see great results with Skinceutical Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight Cream. It’s powerful and potent with 10% glycolic acid that helps to promote cell turnover, improve skin texture, tightens pores, refreshes the skin and works as a corrective agent to increase your glow. Plus, a pea sized amount goes a long way!
— Kafayat Brown, Nurse Prescriber - Adexcel Aesthetics
We are in love with the iS Clinical Tri-Active Exfoliant to re-energise skin post-winter. Darker skin tones tend to suffer from oilier, more pigmented skin and therefore are more prone to inflammation. This is why the Tri-Active is so great; it has papaya and pineapple enzymes as well as salicylic acid to breakdown proteins and dirt in the pores, ridding your skin of toxins. It also uses copper PCA, which regulates sebum production, making skin look clearer and brighter.
— dermoi! Aesthetic Team
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Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, Adonia Medical

“I love the Cane & Austin Glycolic Acid Scrub. Glycolic is an exfoliating acid from sugar cane and this scrub is gentle enough to be used 1-2 times a week. Over time it smoothens the skin and for darker skin it helps to blend skin tone and reduce mild irregularities on the skin. It can also be very helpful in reducing ingrowing hair in the beard area.”