New Year, New Skin Rules - Five reasons why you should see a skincare expert!

Looking at all the questions we get asked about skin care for women of colour and all the answers we give, a clear theme that’s emerged - the need to seek professional advice. This is something we cannot emphasize enough and we’re proud that Black Skin Directory is available to give you to access to everything professional - from skincare practitioners and advice, to products and treatments.

With that in mind, we’ve put together the top five reasons why you should make seeing a skin health professional a priority this year.

1.     You deserve bespoke solutions to address the needs of your skin. What works for one person won’t always work for another and consultations are a great way to learn more about the unique qualities of your skin. Practitioners use a range of tools to see what’s happening within your skin - from the trusty Woods Lamp to a fully loaded Visia machine you will be able to get a detailed internal analysis of your skin as well as advice to match.

2.     Skincare professionals are qualified and insured with extensive evidence based resources at their disposal to enable you to make informed decisions about your skin. Furthermore you can verify their qualifications and their extensive insurance is there to protect you in the unlikely event something goes wrong. This is peace of mind you will never get from Google or from social media ‘skinfluencers.’

3.     Your skin is not an entity on its own and its health is determined by several factors - environment, lifestyle, genetics, illness, historical skin care habits, products, procedures and even your future e.g. are you trying for a baby, are you jetting off somewhere hot soon. A skin care professional will take all of these things into account during a consultation to provide you with the best holistic advice and recommendations that suits your life.

4.     Results driven treatments and products that are specific to your health, lifestyle, budget and goals will be offered to you in a realistic plan. This means you spend less time and money on trying things that may not be suited to your skin and more on solutions that are safe, tested and more likely to work.

5.     A consultation with a skin care professional experienced with skin of colour concerns doesn’t have to be a one-off affair. It can be the beginning of a long-term partnership that takes your skin health from strength to strength with on-going support at regular intervals.

Achieving optimal skin health is a journey, a process that is easier when armed with the tools to make informed choices. A bespoke skin care consultation will help manage your expectations as you work with your practitioner to achieve your skin health goals. So, why not go ahead and book a consultation with a #BSDProfessional today?