Black Skin Directory Sun Awareness Month

With Sun Awareness Week around the corner, it's time to shine the spotlight on sun care for darker skin tones.

May is all about sun awareness and luckily this month, the sun has really shone down on us. We are even more conscious of the need for adequate sun protection, especially as we approach national Sun Awareness Week which commences on 14th May.

Sun care is a subject that we are very passionate about at Black Skin Directory, so with this in mind we’ve prepared a month long educational extravaganza that we hope will leave you more enlightened, clear up any confusion and finally lay to rest some age old myths that are damaging to the health of darker skin.

Black Skin DirectorySun Awareness Month 2018.jpg

There’s nothing we love more than bright sunny days, but ultimately we encourage sun safety first. We know and understand the day-to-day frustrations that arise when searching for the right sunscreen - one that won’t leave you resembling a chalky extra from the afterlife - and we even have the answers to the question of why you should wear sunscreen in the first instance.

Dark skin has been on the margins of mainstream sun protection conversations and campaigns for a long time, so this month and beyond, Black Skin Directory is putting sun protection for darker skin tones at the very top of the agenda!

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