What makes a Trichologist?


Trichology is the science of hair and scalp problems and a Trichologist is a trained and qualified individual who offers services and treatments pertaining to the health of the hair and scalp. It is important to note that Trichologists are not medically trained doctors, but they do offer a valuable dermatological service.

A qualified Trichologist is someone who has undergone the rigorous training of the Institute of Trichologists (two years study, followed by a further two year mentoring/study programme to gain full membership), is registered with the Institute and follows the Institutes Code of Professional Practice and Ethics.

The Institute bestows grades on their Trichologists. They typically come after the members name.

AIT – Associate Member, likely to be junior and recently qualified.

MIT – Full Member and has been practicing for at least 3 years.

FIT – Full Member and a Fellow – recognized for their outstanding contribution to the Trichology.

Some Trichologists also hold a Medicine Control Agency Licence, which means they can manufacture medicinal preparations for patients.

Trichologists offer many services in the diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp conditions, which is handy as NHS Dermatologists are under increasing pressure with long waiting lists. The main services offered include all forms of Alopecia (hair loss), conditions of the scalp, problems with hair texture and the provision of pharmaceutical preparations.

There are Trichologists that specialise in skin of colour and Afro hair/scalp conditions. Look out for them on Black Skin Directory. In the meantime, for further information and to find a qualified Trichologist, you can consult www.trichologists.org.uk