Masks, a quick fix for glowing skin

We’re asked a lot about masks. Do we need them? Are they all they’re cracked up to be? What priority should they be given? What type of mask should be used? How often should one mask? Should I multi mask? Insert your question ________ here. The list goes on. 

Whilst there are plenty of masks that are very efficient, in today’s time poor and financially constrained times, we believe that masks fall into the ‘nice to have’ category of skincare. Masks will certainly enhance your skincare routine, but you can still achieve healthy skin without them. For us, they get a big tick in the skin pamper box and rightly so, because there is a certain kind of self love and pleasure that can be experienced in the ritual of applying a mask.

Whether you use long or short strokes, circular motions of straight lines, your hands, a sponge or a brush the deliberate and considered action of cocooning your skin in a luscious mask is comforting and enforces a ten minute time out from the busy’ness’ of life. Your mind is freed and your mood is lifted. #SelfcareSunday anyone?

That still leaves the question of what type of mask to use? Generally speaking if you have oily skin you want a clay mask, preferably green or white clay, that extracts oil from your deep within your skin, reduces the appearance of pores and creates a mattifying effect.

On the opposing side, dry skin types need a hydrating and moisture boost from their mask, so in that case opt for a leave on mask. Go as far as an overnight mask if you wish, it will give you soft bouncy skin upon waking.

In the masking middle ground lies a plethora of options that can restore your skins delicate microbiome, fade and brighten hyperpigmentation, smooth a roughened canvas, plump fine lines as well as deliver a quick tidy and spruce before a big night out.

Moving on swiftly, how frequent should one mask? Once a week is sufficient. For the time constrained or if you’re simply not too bothered, invest in a mask that delivers visible results immediately, even if you only slap it on before a big do. The same for multi masking, it looks like fun to apply several different masks to different zones of your face, but in our opinion there’s no need, unless you want to, of course.

So what mask is worth you parting with your cash? We’ve compiled a list of our faves to keep your melanin glow on point.