Festive Skin and Hair Tips from #BSDProfessionals

Christmas is literally upon us and with only a few days to go before we loosen our belts and indulge in the festivities of food, drink and late nights; we’ve asked some of our #BSDProfessionals for their key skincare tips to keep your skin, scalp and hair in optimum condition as you enjoy the busy party season.

Switch up your acids.

“For darker skin prone to excess oil, breakouts and hyperpigmentation, use a product that contains Mandelic Acid. This time of year it’s my preferred choice over Salicylic Acid because its a larger molecule, therefore very gentle and actually better at treating skin discolouration.

Additionally, it’s not as drying as Salicylic Acid, particularly at this time of year with central heating etc when the skin needs all the moisture it can get!”

Andy Millward

Advanced Facialist


Exfoliate your skin for flawless make up.

“Chemical exfoliation with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid is key for the party season. My personal favourite is Enzymatic Peel by ZO Medical and the glycolic acid quickly smooths rough textured skin. One of its benefits is that it allows your make-up to sit flawlessly on the skin, without the need of a primer - which can often cause breakouts in acne-prone/oily skin types.”

Dr Ewoma

Aesthetic Doctor


Get rid of oil.

“Cleansing your skin is necessary to remove heavy make-up and toxins coming through the pores. A deep cleanse can be achieved with our daily use Be Purified Cleanser - an essential mix of glycolic, citric and a small amount of salicylic acid to remove impurities and excess oil on the surface of the skin.”

Dr Barbara Kubicka

Aesthetic Doctor


Get steamy.

“Increase your steam treatments with a quality and nourishing hair mask. During the colder months this step will keep your hair and scalp moisturised and thriving for every Christmas party and beyond.”

Teresa Angelina

Trichologist MIT


Better late than never, so cleanse!

“If you’re coming home late from a Christmas party, make sure to remove your make up and cleanse your face properly. Falling into bed without cleansing your face is an absolute no-no! Cleansing wipes are also a no go. Whilst cleansing is crucial to your daily skincare routine, toners aren’t strictly necessary, so save time by skipping the toner after a late night out.”

Stephanie Williams, Dermatologist


Massage with Marula.

“My number one tip is to use Marula oil - not only abundant in Vitamin C and is a natural Vitamin A, it’s also rejuvenating, antioxidant and antibacterial. The small molecular structure of Marula allows it to absorb easily into the skin with no residue leaving the skin glowing! MRL Elixir is perfect for this.”

Marie Reynolds

Skin & Wellness Expert

Dija Ayodele