Andy Millward

Clinic Profile

Telephone Number: +44 (0) 7429478698

Address: Renaissance Natural Therapy Centre, 10a Clarence Mews, Station Road, Birmingham B17 9JT


Biography & Clinic Details: Andy is an independent facialist based within a natural therapy clinic in Harborne, Birmingham. Andy is Level 4 qualified in advanced skin studies & clinical aesthetics specialising in facials, peels and micro-needling but with a non-aggressive, non-traumatic approach to treating skin. Andy is also a skincare educator and is passionate about raising the standard of education within the beauty & aesthetics industry, so regularly trains other therapists / aestheticians as well as medical professionals in safe and effective application of peels to treat all skin types.

Areas of Interest: All areas of skin health but in particular acne and rosacea, as problematic skin conditions. Having suffered with acne personally, it is of keen interest. Also safe and effective age management treatments which do no impact on or compromise overall skin health integrity.

Treatment Specialities: Andy specialises in corrective facials, metabolic peels and micro-needling with a progressive approach to skin health. Andy also offers a range of non-inflammatory dermal infusions and nano-technology alternative to micro-needling which are excellent for all skin types, especially skin of colour where inflammatory responses within the skin can leave to negative outcomes.


What is your most recommended product to women of colour and why?: This varies depending on the condition being treated but I choose CosMedix X-Cell+ because it contains a cocktail of antioxidants and tyrosinase inhibitors to help regulate pigmentation, plus some Retinol. It's a fantastic products for prepping and conditioning the skin for peels or simply addressing pigmentation concerns.



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