Adexcel Aesthetics

Clinic Profile

Telephone Number: + 44 (0)7405503752

Address: 189 Old Kent Road, Southwark, London SE1 5NA 


Biography & Clinic Details: Adexcel Aesthetics offers bespoke non-surgical treatments- specialising in facial rejuvenation, travel health vaccines and skin care products from a qualified Nurse Prescriber.

Adexcel Aesthetics is a one stop clinic to contact if you are concerned about the appearances of wrinkles, lips, facial contouring, signs of ageing, acne, scarring, injuries or wants advise on travel health vaccines and treatments. 

We offer a non-discriminatory and non-judgemental services by treating our clients with respect and dignity, and uphold confidentiality in a professional manner.

Areas of Interest: Skin lightening, vitamin infusions, stretch marks, weight loss, skin discolouration, face lift, vein treatment, skin care products and injectables.

Treatment Specialities: We offer many treatments such as muscle relaxing injections-Botox (hyperhidrosis), dermal fillers, anti-ageing treatments, Vitamin infusions (IV / IM), mesotherapy, derma-roller,  Platelet Rich Plasma, Vein treatment, Skin tag and moles removal (DPN), Scarring treatment, Rosacea treatment, Skin resurfacing and Peel, Intralesional Steroid Injections (Keloid Treatment), Cryotherapy, PDO Thread lift and skin care products. 

We also have a  travel health clinic with vaccinations, including Flu and Hayfever vaccines.

What is your most recommended product to women of colour and why?: Food supplements- particularly Glutathione- for its health benefit, detox and rejuvenation.


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